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Napier - Wairoa

Heretaunga - Central Hawkes Bay (formerly Waipukurau), Hastings, Havelock North

Napier Kindergarten Association


The Association’s archives are held in the association office in Napier. These are boxed in a cupboard purchased for storing historical materials. The material has not yet been catalogued or sorted. Some individual kindergartens have recently been passing old documents, photos and artefacts into the care of the association. The Association has embarked on a history project. In 2013 the Association focused on the theme of history for its annual teacher’s conference. Each kindergarten compiled a montage display of information, documents, books, old playthings and books. Some of these montages are stored in the Association’s office. Otherwise, each kindergarten has preserved its own display board.



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Documents and photos

Eskview Kindergarten 25th Jubilee 2012 Jubilee (pdf 15.2MB)

Greenmeadows Kindergarten trolley derby day 1975, Napier KA (pdf 798 KB)

Hangi at Mary Richmond Kindergarten 1981 (pdf 1.5MB)

History of  Napier Kindergarten Association (pdf 1.4MB)

Napier Kindergarten Assoc. - newsletter July 1973 (pdf 1.7MB)

Napier Kindergarten Assoc. - newsletter June 1972 (pdf 1.8MB)

North Clyde  Kindergarten establishment documents (pdf 3.9MB)

Opening Wairoa Kindergarten 19 March 1973, The Daily Telegraph (pdf 702KB)

Wairoa Kindergarten 1973 (pdf 1.2MB)


Heretaunga Kindergarten Association



The Heretaunga Kindergarten Association archive is dedicated to the social and institutional history of the Heretaunga Free Kindergarten Association (HFKA). It collects, preserves and facilitates research access to historic material related to the Committees, Kindergartens and significant individuals that make up the Association. HFKA was formerly known as the Hastings Free Kindergarten Association. From the first public meeting held on 15 February 1928, Committees of the Hastings Free Kindergarten Association worked to establish and resource Kindergartens for local children. In 1979 the Hastings Free Kindergarten Association was joined with the Havelock North Kindergarten Association and the name was changed to Heretaunga Free Kindergarten Association. Central Hawkes Bay Free Kindergarten Association joined HFKA in 1997. In 2008 HFKA and Michael Fowler (as author) published a book titled “A Proud Heritage: A History of the Heretaunga Free Kindergarten Association 1928-2008.”


The Archive is intended to be available for research purposes and to support the ongoing work of the Association through better knowledge of its history. Permission for research should be sought by application to the General Manager of HFKA and may require confirmation from the Board of Governance. Items that include confidential or personal information are clearly marked and will require specific authorisation from the General Manager to access. A general public catalogue of collection holdings is available through Ehive Collection Management website ehive.com by searching ‘Heretaunga’. More detailed records can be accessed by contacting the General Manager here.

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Documents and photos

Bay woman Joan Padman to celelbrate a century - article Hawkes Bay Today, November 2017

Heretaunga Kindergartgen buildings and grounds c 1970's (pdf 1.7MB)

HFKA Central Kindergarten Queen Carnival 1953 (pdf 2.9MB)

Nellie Stevenson, QSM, who brought NZ kindergartens to life dies, aged 105 - article Hawkes Bay, Today November 2018

Short History of the Hastings Free Kindergarten Association Inc (pdf 170KBB)

Twenty One Years of Service' Hastings Free Kindergarten Association (pdf 3.1MB)


Havelock North Kindergarten Association

Fundraising for Havelock North Kindergarten 1952-1957 (pdf 5.2MB)