1950s to 1970s

1940's - 60's Upper Hutt Library kindergarten collection (pdf 425KB)

c.1947 - 1975 National Publicity Studio photos - Wellington (pdf 2MB)

1950's & 1960's Kindergarten parents Dunedin (pdf 1.1MB)

1954 Beauty and the Beast WFKA (pdf 1.1MB)

1955 Helen Deem Centre for Pre-school Education - presentation(pdf 187KB)

1958 Newtown Kindergarten Evening Post (pdf 262KB)

1959 - 1971 'Talents' Manawatu Kindergarten Association (pdf 2MB)

30 November 1959 'Where youngsters learn to grow up' NZ Women's Weekly (pdf 1.8MB)

1961 - 1972 Nelson Photo News (pdf 2.1MB)

1963 - 1973 Gisborne Photo News (pdf 1.3MB)

1965 Music at Logan Campbell Kindergarten (pdf 454KB)

1965 WFKA United Mothers' Club Silver Jubilee (pdf 1.7MB)

1968 Silverstream Kindergarten Upper Hutt - photos (pdf 680KB)

1968 Kenneth Ave Kindergarten Auckland - photos (pdf 987KB)

1968 Newtown Kindergarten Wellington - photos (pdf 2.6MB)

1968 Cuthbert Kindergarten Auckland - photos (pdf 662KB)

1968 Irmgard Ritche Kindergarten Upper Hutt -photos (pdf 3MB)

1968 - 1970 National Publicity Studio Auckland - photos (pdf 1.1MB)

c 1960's Berhampore Kindergarten Mother’s Club Life Member Mrs G Kuch (pdf 1.7MB)

1970 St Heliers-Glendowie Kindergarten Auckland- photos (pdf 1.5MB)

1970's Slide collection (pdf 944KB)

c. 1970's Fathers at kindergarten Wellington Region Free Kindergarten Association (pdf 2MB)

c. 1970's Outdoor play at unnamed Wellington kindergarten WRFKA (pdf 2.7MB)

c. 1970's Unnamed Wellington Kindergarten, WRFKA (pdf 2MB)

1973 Helen Deem Centre for Pre-school Education - article (pdf 3.3MB)

1973 Ngaio Kindergarten Wellington (pdf 3.2MB)

1975 Heretaunga Kindergarten - photographs (pdf 6.2MB)

Unit Blocks (pdf 420MB)

Mobile Kindergartens