c 1940's Rickshaw given by Chinese parents Taranaki St K. Pat Ridding Collection, WRFKA

1890s to 1940s

22 June 1889 Walker St Kindergarten, Otago Daily Times (pdf 51KB)

1895 - 1908 Dunedin Free Kindergarten Association (pdf 1.7MB)

1900's School Kindergartens (pdf 1.5MB)

(very early) Taranaki Street Kindergarten WFKA (pdf

1909 - 1912 Auckland Kindergartens (pdf 1.3MB)

1913 WRFKA Picnic at the beach (pdf 1.3MB)

c 1915 Taranaki Street Kindergarten above shop WRFKA G. McDonald Papers

1916 Sunbeam Kindergarten Kidsfirst, CWKA (pdf 1.8MB)

1920's - 1930's Rachel Reynolds kindergarten (pdf 1.7MB)

1920's - 1940's NZ Kindergartens in Auckland Weekly News (pdf 987KB)

1923 Phillipstown Kindergarten - album (pdf 1.3MB)

1930's Ponsonby Kindergarten Auckland (pdf 866KB)

c 1930's Taranaki Street Kindergarten Marjorie Connell’s Kindergarten Friends WRFKA (pdf 1MB)

c 1930's Marjorie Connell’s Kindergarten Friends (pdf 978KB)

1933 - 1938 Richmond Kindergarten - album (pdf 1.6MB)

1938 - 1941 Richmond Kindergarten - album (pdf 1.6MB)

1940's Pre-School Education Centre, Dunedin (pdf 838KB)

1940's Taranaki St Nursery Kindergarten, Pat Ridding Collection, WRFKA (pdf 1.1MB)

c 1940's Tararanaki Street Kindergarten Sandpit  WRFKA (pdf 457KB)

c 1940's  Rickshaw given by Chinese parents Taranaki St K. Pat Ridding Collection, WRFKA (pdf 175KB)

c 1940's WRFKA Miriam Baucke collection (pdf 3MB)

1940 - 1957 Pat Ridding - album, Wellington, Wellington Region Free Kindergarten Association (selected)  (pdf 3MB)

1944 - 1945 Polish Kindergarten Pahiatua (pdf 2.2MB)

Froebel blocks (pdf 611KB)


Play is the highest expression of human development … The child that plays thoroughly, with self active determination … will surely be a thoroughly determined man … The plays of childhood are the germinal seeds of all later life.”

Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852) The Education of Man, 1826