National and local media records aspects of the kindergarten story including children's learning, the kindergarten programme and teacher protest. Newspapers past can now be sourced from here.


c. 1960's  'A Lot to Learn' - film (pdf 35KB)

1967 Kindergarten Teaching recruitment Gloria Thompson (pdf 457KB)

c. 1972 Teacher recruitment (pdf 414KB)

1973 Pay parity clippings (jpg 2.6MB)

30 September 1980 Better deal for kindergarten teachers NZ Herald (pdf 1.3MB)

10 October 1981 It's not child's play NZ Listener (pdf 3.6MB)

c. 1995 Beehive protest (jpg 828KB)

2003 Male teachers, WRFKA (pdf 1.3MB)

Pay parity cartoon (jpg 1.2MB)