Resources to support the curriculum have changed over the decades reflecting the pedagogy of the time and teacher practice, as well as societies views of children and families. We present artifacts relating to the curriculum as well as to the administration of kindergartens.


1899 Florence Brickell's Kindergartener's Certificate Hocken Collections – Uare Takoka o Hākena (jpg 626KB)

1899 Florence Brickell's workbook of Froebel occupations (pdf 1.1MB)

c. 1900's Pressed flower work book (pdf 210KB)

1919 National Froebel Union - Higher Certificate  (jpg 1.2MB)

c. 1920's Good health picture book WFRKA  (pdf 12.5MB)

c. 1930's Teaching resources WFKA (pdf 1.6MB)

1933 - 1934 Child education teaching resource WFRKA (pdf 3.4MB)

1945 Lorna Mills WFKA Diploma (jpg 1.2MB)

1953 Hokitika Kindergarten Association wages book Kidsfirst, CWKA (pdf 876KB)

1971 Graduation Auckland Kindergarten College (pdf 1.1MB)

1980 Inservice training certificates Robyn Houlker (pdf 399KB)

1988 DFKA Diploma Certificate, MS -1988_003 Hocken Collections,  Hocken Collections – Uare Takoka o Hākena (pdf 433KB)

2014  Three teachers' scrapbooks H May (pdf 7.9MB)

Kindergarten occupation materials catalogue WRFKA (pdf 2.2MB)

Berhampore Kindergarten music book covers (selected) (pdf 7.7MB)