Recipe books

Most kindergarten committees have at some point, or with regularity, produced a recipe book as a fundraiser. A selection of around 130 kindergarten recipe or cookery books are held in the National Library Collections. Many more can be found in the cupboards of individual kindergartens, association offices, second hand book stores or the homes of the families that bought them. Read more in "About Kindergarten recipe books" (pdf 1.4MB)


Aubrey Mason Kindergarten (selected) (pdf 658kb)

Avonhead Kindergarten cookbook (pdf 509kb)

Gonville Kindergarten cookbook (selected) (pdf 195 kb)

Hamstead Kindergarten Jubilee Cookbook 1953-1993  (selected) (pdf 857kb)

Hei Hei Kindergarten cookery book (selected) (pdf 384kb)

Holmes Kindergarten Christmas Treats (selected) (pdf 656kb)

Kindy Kids Cookbook (selected) (pdf 448kb)

Marton Free Kindergarten cookbook (selected) (pdf 272kb)

North New Brighton Kindergarten Recipes (selected) (pdf 292kb)

Otumotei Kindergarten Recipe Book (selected) (pdf 438kb)

Queenspark Kindergarten Cookbook 1992 (selected) (pdf 553kb)

Shirley Free Kindergarten recipe book (selected) (pdf 667kb)

Templeton Free Kindergarten 1990, 1993 (selected) (pdf 363kb)

Wakari Branch Dunedin Free Kindergarten (selected) (pdf 528kb)