Other fundraisers

Kindergarten teachers and committees found many creative and fun ways to raise funds. These included 'mothers' clubs' putting on performances and concerts, floral shows, competitions, trike-athons, 'international food' evenings and jumble sales.


1944-56 Mrs Gribben's jumble sale book AKA Grey Collections NZMS1275 (pdf 2.5 MB)

1952-57 Havelock North Kindergarten  (pdf 7.8MB)

1953 HFKA Central Kindergarten Queen Carnival  (pdf 2.9MB)

1956-59 Evening Post Collection  (pdf 553KB)

1975 Greenmeadows Kindergarten trolley derby day Napier KA (pdf 798KB)

1985 My Kindergarten Waikato Free Kindergarten Association (pdf 7.5MB)

Floral carpets Auckland Kindergarten Association (pdf 935KB)