Campaigns and protests

Although central Government and communities contributed funding to support the operation of kindergartens, funding was always tight. Up until the reforms of 1990 teachers salaries and employment conditions were negotiated by the Department of Education and the State Services Commission, and kindergarten teachers were paid from the teachers' central payroll. Kindergarten teachers and associations called for the Government to recognise teachers in the same way as they did primary and secondary teachers. Over the years significant public campaigns were mounted. The teachers unions lobbied for increased funding for salaries and pay parity as well as with associations, called for increased funding to support the kindergarten service and high quality early childhood education.


1975 Pay Parity clippings (jpg 2.6MB)

1985 Kindergarten protest  (jpg 3.3MB)

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c. 1995 Kindergarten protest (jpg 2.2MB)

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