Correspondence, plans and proposals dating back to the 1950s.


1957 Opening New Lynn Kindergarten (selected) AKA Grey Collection NZMS 1275 (pdf 217kb)

1972 North Clyde Kindergarten discussion documents (pdf 3.9MB)

1972 NZFKU Building report (pdf 1.85MB)

1982 Letter to Merv Wellington opposing proposal to 30 -30 rolls - from NZFKU (pdf 217kb)

1982 Kindergarten building costs - a discussion paper - B Elliott (pdf 2.8MB)

1982 Letter to Director-General Education re kindergarten building programme - B Elliott (pdf 619kb)

1982 The design manual for preschool buildings - B Elliott (pdf 708kb)

1983 Report on building code - B Elliott (pdf 485kb)

2015 Berhampore Kindergarten Conservation Plan - WRFKA (pdf 3.23MB)